MckNomads Travel

A few weeks after my brother died, Andy and I were taking a walk near our house. It had been a pretty crazy year/eighteen months and we asked each other what we would do if one of us died. We both said the same things- we’d quit our jobs and travel to visit family and friends. Andy said he’d travel to Canada and ask my girlfriends to share stories about me. I told him I’d have to go to Seattle and LA to hear stories from some of his buddies. Then we wondered, what if we did it……now?

We have long talked about getting a motorhome as our retirement plan and visiting National Parks while traveling around. We wanted to take that time to travel with each other. What if one, or both of us died before we got to do this traveling?

That early conversation morphed into many more in the weeks and months until it became a tentative plan. We tested out our idea on our closest friends and family just to see what it felt like to say it aloud, and to gauge reactions. Most were supportive, and many said, “I wish I could do that.” I figure, they probably can. We had no plan to do it, but then we did, and now we’re doing it.

We realized if we didn’t take this trip, we could regret it and wonder, “What if we had given that a shot?” And if we did this trip- we know we won’t regret it.

Basically it came down to, why not?

We started traveling in July and I will do my best to share on the blog where we are and what we’re doing as internet connection allows. We’re also using the hashtags on instagram and facebook if you want to follow along there: #whynottrip #mcknomads

A little more about the idea to travel is written about here and specifics on where we’re going here.