It’s been several years since we were diagnosed with infertility. I had a hard time accepting that word at first, and I told myself we had “infertility issues” instead. Somehow that made it a little softer and gentler to my heart that so wanted to be a mom.

I’ve taken pills, shots, plenty of tests and awkward procedures. Together we’ve done several rounds of unsuccessful IUI treatments. We began the adoption process and put it on hold just before our final interview that would complete our home study 2 years ago. All together it’s been over 7 years of expectantly waiting, with the first 3-4 years the toughest.

But it got better.

Somehow we’re moving forward, building a life without kids, and we’re mostly okay. I still have days where the reminder that we haven’t been able to get pregnant/be parents stings fresh again and the feelings and emotions are pricked.

The good news is- those days aren’t everyday like it was in the beginning.

Recent stats say 1 in 8 couples are currently struggling with infertility. If this applies to you too, please know you’re not alone. I’m right there with you saying, “me too.”

Nothing is perfect. My desire to be a mom hasn’t gone away. But we’re going to be okay. Even when things don’t look like how we thought they would.

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